Milk Quality

PulsNexus Product Image

PulsNexus G2

BECO Pulse Monitoring System

Pulsation Monitoring 24/7

  • Alarm diagnostic, not just a red light
  • Easily adapts to all systems
  • Ability to control the pulsator
  • Monitors parlor performance
  • Sends alerts to dairyman automatically
  • Helps manage employees

PulsNexus Monitors

  • Hoses that fall off
  • Holes in air tubes
  • Cracked or split liners
  • Plugged hoses
  • Dirty filter in fresh air system
  • Malfunctioning vacuum regulator
  • Dirty or faulty pulsator

Milking Claw

Milk Claw Product Image
  • Provides steady claw vacuum that eliminates all claw vacuum restrictions.
  • Stable claw vacuum improves milking by allowing maximum flow rates without disturbing claw and liner function.
  • Plenty of capacity for today’s high flow rates.
  • Large Capacity: 400 CC-7/8″, 350 CC-3/4″
  • Ergonomic design that milk harvest technicians like
  • 7/8 and 3/4 outlets available.
  • Improves Unit Alignment
  • Designed with wider forks for front quarters and narrow inlets for rear quarters allowing units to sit squarely under the udder.
  • Strong, Light Weight, and Durable
  • Durable PPSU plastic (Radel®, Ultrason®) for strength and durability

Tango Liner

Tango Liner

The Tango liner is a liner that incorporates two liner designs in one.  Like the dance, the tango liner is a entanglement of two different things the Tango makes a much more productive liner.  It is designed with the benefits of both a triangle liner and a round liner.  The Tango’s barrel top half allows for faster milking while the lower portion transitions to give optimal teat health.  The Tango liner will offer a long life rubber that will also provide the performance that you and your cows need.  Allowing you to milk more cows in less time.


Pulsation Product Image

Consistent Milkout

  • Independent exhaust, pulsation, and vacuum ports
  • Large porting for faster air movement

Protection from the Elements

  • Electrical wires plugged into the pulsator with no exposed wires

Simple to Rebuild, Easy to Maintain

  • Complete rebuild in 30 seconds
  • Rebuild does not require any tools
  • Quick disconnect clamps and plugs
  • Plug and play wiring harness


Backflush Product Image
  • All stainless steel design
  • 7/8″ design eliminates restrictions in the milk path
  • Only backflush valve designed to have sensor/shutoff capabilities
  • Optional stainless steel box to protect valve
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BECO does all this with an industry leading 5 year warranty on its equipment.