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BECO’s Automation is known worldwide by its rugged reliability and simplistic design. BECO has an automatic detacher that will fit any dairy’s needs — whether simple and economical or full meter automation.

The automation is simple in design, but brings huge value with its easy to use dashboards, watchdog system, and industry leading 5 year warranty.

All BECO detachers come standard with our restriction-eliminating 7/8″ design. BECO detachers have been the choice of many dairies for over 60 years. See how BECO will fit the needs of your dairy.

Immix G2 Product Image

Immix G2

Milking performance and procedure information to assist in improved parlor management.

  • Detacher settings are easily changed with a click of a mouse.
  • Set maximum milk time for both automatic milking mode and manual milking mode.
  • Real time information available at the computer.
  • A BECO 7/8″ system will accept both 7/8″ and 3/4″ milk hose for maximum milk quality benefits.
  • Optional Grab-N-Go feature for vacuum models allowing the operator to attach units without touching a button.
FlowNexus G2 Product Image

FlowNexus G2

BECO Parlor Monitoring System

FlowNexus G2 is a very smart automatic take-off. It has a full color display that gives you vital information about the milking process. The bright “no milk” and “manual” lights on the side can be seen far down the milking pit.

FlowNexus G2 is designed to capture vital information on how a cow is being milked out and sends data to a computer where management can get a complete picture of the milking process.

FlowNexus G2 can work with a standard BECO milk flow sensor and at any time you can add the BECO ScanNexus G2 milk meter and automatic cow ID for complete milk weight management.

ScanNexus Product Image

ScanNexus G2

BECO Parlor Monitoring System

ScanNexus G2 is a highly advanced milk meter that is built around 21st century technology, making it the most advanced milk meter on the market.

With no moving parts and a completely unrestricted milk path, this meter allows your cows to milk out as fast as possible. Some meters with no moving parts have a very small milk path that greatly restricts the milk flow and causes drastic vacuum drops, which slows milking and is bad for udder health

Other milk meters use the 30 year old “fill and dump” method to measure milk. These meters have a lot of moving parts and in most cases the milk must be lifted into them. This causes the vacuum to drop, slowing the milking down and causing poor udder health.

The BECO ScanNexus G2 meter was developed to overcome these shortfalls that cause your cows harm and allow your cows to perform to their full ability.


Standalone Meter

BECO has designed our world class, industry leading ScanNexus G2 milk meter to be used as a standalone meter.

The standalone meter allows for the meter to be paired with most any milking equipment, giving the dairyman accurate individual cow milk weights that are imported directly into their own herd management software. The meter just needs to be placed in the milk path. This option of the ScanNexus allows for the dairyman to manage their cows with individual milk weights without the high cost of replacing their entire milking system.

The standalone meter option has the ability to show live milk weights and cow numbers on a monitor in the milking pit. This option does need to be paired with the BECO ID system.

PulsNexus Product Image

PulsNexus G2

BECO Pulse Monitoring System

Pulsation Monitoring 24/7

  • Alarm diagnostic, not just a red light
  • Easily adapts to all systems
  • Ability to control the pulsator
  • Monitors parlor performance
  • Sends alerts to dairyman automatically
  • Helps manage employees

PulsNexus Monitors

  • Hoses that fall off
  • Holes in air tubes
  • Cracked or split liners
  • Plugged hoses
  • Dirty filter in fresh air system
  • Malfunctioning vacuum regulator
  • Dirty or faulty pulsator
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BECO does all this with an industry leading 5 year warranty on its equipment.