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BECO Software Management in a Dairy Farm
Software Management with PulsNexus
Software FlowNexus and ImmixG2

Software Management

BECO ParlorScan

The BECO ParlorScan software is a program to monitor critical areas of the milking operation. The program and associated hardware focuses on monitoring three areas:

  • Critical equipment monitoring of pulsation and vacuum. It lets you know the moment that something goes wrong to prevent damage to cows.
  • Milking process and performance of your milkers. It lets you know if milkers are following proper procedures and vital information about the milking process.
  • Monitoring of cow milk production and milk out. Collects milk weight for each cow and works with your herd management system to automatically update their records.

ParlorScan + PulsNexus

ParlorScan, when used in conjunction with PulsNexus, receives messages from PulsNexus regarding pulsation performance. When something goes wrong, a message is sent and logged onto your computer.

From your computer you can easily see all the problems that happened, what the problems were, and how long it took to get the problem resolved. It’s like having a serviceman there graphing each pulsator for each and every milking.

ParlorScan + Immix/FlowNexus G2

ParlorScan, when used in conjunction with IMMIX G2 or FlowNexus G2, receives messages regarding how milkers are operating the parlor. These take-offs have embedded intelligence that can accurately detect:

  1. How long it takes for each cow to let her milk down. If your milking procedure calls for full prep with adequate delay in machine attachment, you should expect cows to be in full flow within seconds.  ParlorScan will let you know exactly when these procedures are not done properly.
  2. ​If units are being re-attached you will know if they are necessary or not.  Knowing this can speed up milking and keep units running at peak performance.
  3. If your units are being run on manual and if so, are those cows being overmilked.
  4. If milkers are taking unscheduled breaks?  When did milking stop?  How long did wash take?  When did milking start?  You will know all of this and more at a glance of the dashboard screen in ParlorScan.

There is also a watchdog feature that is looking for critical events.  You can have it automatically send a notification when it sees these things happen.

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BECO does all this with an industry leading 5 year warranty on its equipment.