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Fully integrated with Health Monitoring and Cow Positioning.

Combination is key. Nedap COWcontrol™ is always equipped with the combination of Heat Detection and Health Monitoring and can be extended with Cow Positioning.

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BECO’s automation is known worldwide by its rugged reliability and simplistic design. BECO has an automatic detacher that will fit any dairy’s needs — whether simple and economical or full meter automation.

The automation is simple in design, but brings huge value with its easy to use dashboards, watchdog system, and industry leading 5 year warranty.

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BECO’s proprietary Milking-Claw, Pulsator, and other high quality components are the building blocks to your milking machine. Also, making a habit of keeping equipment up-to-date and monitoring cleanliness is a great way to keeping cows healthy and happy. BECO strives to provide only the best products that enable you to produce the best milk possible.

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BECO’s Nexus line of automation is a state of the art line of milking equipment that will exceed all others. The NEXUS line has industry leading software that makes running your dairy easier — whether it is the FLOWNEXUS with its intuitive customizable dash board with 7/8″ no moving parts milk meter or the PulsNEXUS with its 24/7 pulsation monitoring. The NEXUS line can’t be beat!

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The BECO ParlorScan software is a program to monitor critical areas of the milking operation. The program and associated hardware focuses on monitoring three areas:

  • Critical equipment monitoring of pulsation and vacuum. It lets you know the moment that something goes wrong to prevent damage to cows.
  • Milking process and performance of your milkers. It lets you know if milkers are following proper procedures and vital information about the milking process.
  • Monitoring of cow milk production and milk out. Collects milk weight for each cow and works with your herd management system to automatically update their records.
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The BECO BXR rotary is designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of a 24 hour dairy operation. The platform’s heavy duty construction and design maximizes milk quality and operator efficiency. From the CIP swivel to the raised deck, heavy duty construction, and properly aligned stalls, the BXR rotary was built with extreme detail given to strength, milk quality, and efficiency.

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BECO does all this with an industry leading 5 year warranty on its equipment.