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What ever brand of claw that you milk with today, regardless of when you purchased them, there is a 90% chance that it has a 5/8” outlet, which was the technology of the 1970’s when milk production reached 50 lbs. of milk per cow, per day
Can a milking system that eliminates
VACUUM RESTRICTIONS really have a significant effect on the production and performance of your cows?
Here Is something to think about.

Back in the late 1970’s milk production levels reached around 50 lbs. of milk, per cow, per day. The dairy equipment industry recognized that those increased flow rates were causing the milking system to flood which in return caused cows production to stagnate, milking slowed down, and udder health suffered. To prevent the system from flooding, they started to produce milking claws with larger outlets. That was when the 5/8” outlet claws were introduced. Dairymen began using this new technology and immediately started seeing some amazing results.

cows milked out faster,
milk production increased,
mastitis and SSC were reduced.

Forty years later, milk production is now averaging around 80 lbs. of milk, per cow, per day. Doesn’t it stand to reason that today’s cows are experiencing the same problem as they did in the late 1970’s?

Unleash the potential of your cows with BECO H-Factor milking.

The BECO H-Factor milking claw is designed with the patented 7/8” outlet that, by design, can accept either a 3/4” or 7/8” hose to create more capacity to move milk from the cow to the milk line. Increased capacity will result in greater vacuum stability, faster and more complete milk out, and optimum conditions for maintaining udder health.

Dairymen have known for years that stable vacuum is critical when milking cows. Research has shown that unstable vacuum is a major contributor to the introduction of bacteria into the teat during milking. Cross contamination and liner squawks are just a few ways this happens. And low or unstable vacuum compromises liner performance and slows milking.
Independent research documents the fact that H-Factor technology has significantly better vacuum stability.
Look at the vacuum graph to therightt from an independent study done by the University of California. That study measured the milking vacuum levels between the 5/8” outlet claws vs. the H-Factor technology claw. The red line represents the 5/8” and the blue line represents the H-Factor , both at varying flow rates.

When milk flow increases, vacuum becomes unstable with the 5/8” outlet claw while the H-Factor claw remains stable. When peak flow occurs it is not uncommon to see vacuum drop by a full 3-1/2” with the 5/8” outlet claw! Add additional restrictions from vacuum shut-off valves and milk meters and it gets much worse. The more the fluctuation, the slower cows milk, and the quicker problems begin to occur.
Need more proof?
Just ask us to send you a copy of the independent study done by the University of California. The research concluded that the H-Factor technology from BECO maintained better vacuum stability when compared to both the 5/8” and 3/4” systems in every situation. Better vacuum stability, with optimum vacuum level at the teat end, helps milking speed, reduces chances for liner slips, and helps improve overall milking efficiency. The H-Factor system outperformed all others in every measure.
Still not 100% convinced?
Don’t take our word for it. Why not take the BECO challenge? Give us a call and we will rush out a sample for you to try on your dairy. We are so confident that you will agree that this is the best performing claw that money can buy, we will send one out for you to try on your dairy at no charge and no obligation for 30 days. If it Is not right for your dairy we will even pay the freight to have it returned to us. Call us today. You and your cows will be glad that you did.