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Introducing the worlds largest parlor!
Johnson Dairy, Greeley, Colorado.
Once you meet owner John Johnson, you will instantly
realize that he is a very unique individual.

Approximately three years ago John decided to start milking some of the many heifers he was raising. After going through a terrible year of heifer prices, John came to the realization that if he had the capacity to milk the heifers he would not have had to sell them at a time of low prices. The following year that is exactly what John did. Dairy Specialists of Greeley, Colorado planned the facility for Johnson Dairy from the ground up and constructed the Double 35 parlor equipped with FlowNexus, MegaFlow, and group Back Flush. Having the animals in his heifer inventory, almost immediately Johnson Dairy was milking 2,500 cows three times a day. Things were going well except that his milking capacity was limited, so he decided to build a hospital facility of a single 30. Like so many dairymen, it wasn’t very long before the single 30 was milking approximately another 1,000 cows.

In late 2007 John began to plan his next expansion. Having the corals at the dairy facility and additional heifers in inventory, John decided he wanted to milk another 5,000 - 6,000 animals. He owned the ground and animals. Putting up a new parlor was all that would be required. He pondered on what size a facility he would need and realized a single parlor would require at least a double 75. Dairy Specialist and BECO worked with Johnson Dairy on how a barn of this size would function. BECO explained that we had four barns of D-75’s working in Saudi Arabia and planning another four more. We reviewed the Nexus reports for these dairies and John became comfortable that a barn this size really is quite efficient. We thought long and hard about taking a trip to see these barns operate. That’s when the article was written about the Double 77 in Arizona bragging to be the “worlds largest milking parlor” at that time. We quickly realized that a trip to Arizona would be a lot more practical than traveling all the way to Saudi Arabia.

After returning home from the Arizona trip, John decided to go for it and decided on a Double 80. Milk prices were looking much better and 2007 was looking great. John was on a mission to get the job done as fast as possible in order to take advantage of favorable milk prices. He chose a six month completion date from start to finish. E everyone at the time thought it was impossible. John chose a contractor that he was comfortable could get the job done on time and Dairy Specialist went to work on all the plans. Wouldn’t you know... the job was plagued with one of the worst winters on record for the area. But that didn’t stop the contractor or Dairy Specialists.

Our hat goes off to these companies as they stayed on schedule and were milking by June. Currently plans are in place to take the existing Double - 35 and convert it to a double 80 giving Johnson Dairy the capacity to milk 10,000 - 12,000 cow in twin Double 80 parlors.

Thank you John Johnson for your confidence in BECO automation and we wish you the best of success with your new facilities. Congratulations Randy Sorensen, co-owner of Dairy Specialists, for a job well done! You and your staff have once again raised the standards for dealer performance and excellence.
Milking facility statistics:
* Double 80 with tunnel basements.
*Completely planned from the ground up and constructed by Dairy Specialists of Greeley, Colorado.
* FlowNexus take-offs with electronic boards in the basement and IMMIX cylinders upstairs.
* ScanNexus milk meters and individual stall cow identification using RFID tags
* PulsNexus monitoring system with BECO Tuned Port Pulsators.
* MegaFlow claws, shells, and liners
* BECO Acu-Clean backflush.
* Norbco stalls
* Six 6,000 gallon Mueller tanks
* Two Mueller falling film chillers and independent plate coolers
* Two independent vacuum systems. One for each side.