BECO first installation in Ukrain.
Double 14 fully automated parallel.
The people in the photo (from left to right): Aleksandr Yurovitsky, Denis Opryshko, Vladimir Opryshko, John Hayne, Sergei Gryshchenko, Vyacheslav Pryima.
The Ukrainian LLC Agricultural firm "Mayak" in Kotelva operates the first BECO equipped milking parlor in Eastern Europe. This dairy farm was installed during the winter of 2011 on a renovated Soviet era beef operation that is part of the "Mayak" enterprises.

LLC Agricultural firm "Mayak" was organized in 2004 by Tatyana Korost. Under her leadership and with her son Vyacheslav Pryima, Mayak has grown to over 800 employees and over 11 600 hectares with several agricultural and commercial enterprises. Tatyana Korost is currently the elected official head of the Kotelva district and is well acknowledged for her personal contribution in the development of agriculture in Ukraine, having in 2004 received the state award "Hero of Ukraine".

"We saw the presentation of the American-made BECO milking parlor at the Expo "Agro-2010" in Kyiv and got very interested in it. You could easily see with the naked eye that the equipment has great reliability and engineering", tells the director of LLC "Agricultural Firm "Mayak", Vyacheslav Pryima. "The equipment is focused on the American market where there are a lot of big industrial farms with no less than 1000 cows. We are also taking this course of growth.

Right now, the total number of cattle in "Mayak" is 6,000 head, 2,300 of which are cows. We saw the milking parlor of the firm BECO in operation in Holland. Our parlor is the first BECO installation not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS" (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The cows at Mayak are fed a well balanced TMR using silage, corn, and other grains produced on Mayak lands. Soy meal from the Mayak soy oil processing facility is also included in the rations. The cows are housed in free stalls with alley scraper systems for waste handling. All cows are milked by women.

Besides dairy, additional modern Mayak livestock enterprises also overseen by director Vyacheslav Pryima include sheep, pigs, and laying chickens. Crops for livestock feed as well as processing are raised on 11,600 hectares of the Mayak operation.

The Mayak agricultural businesses supply the modern new Mayak meat plant, new Mayak soy oil extracting plant, and the Mayak flour mill. Finished products from these Mayak businesses are sold in Kotelva and Poltava grocery stores throughout the district. These markets are also part of the Mayak enterprises.

The fully automated Double 14 BECO parlor at Mayak will milk up to 1,000 cows three times a day. The parlor can be expanded to a Double 18 if more cows are to be milked. The milking operation is recorded and monitored from a computer in the dairy office. BECO can also monitor and calibrate the milking operation and equipment from the BECO office in California to answer any questions the dairyman or dealer has concerning the system.

This double 14 parallel at Mayak includes BECO FlowNexus automatic takeoff units, BECO ScanNexus milk meters, BECO Pulsation with BECO PulsNexus, BECO ParlorScan milking management system, BECO XC parallel stalls, and BECO crowd gate. BECO also supplied the necessary vacuum system, milk handling system, and CIP system for the installation.

The BECO milking system was supplied to Mayak by BioTechImpuls, headquarted in Sumy, Ukraine. BioTechImpulse is the supplier and service organization for BECO Dairy Automation in Ukraine.

John Hayne from America is the Project Manager for the installation of the project. Along with overseeing the project installation and coordinating the supply of all equipment for the project, Mr. Hayne also trained personnel on the maintenance, and operation of the milking system and automation. John Hayne was also responsible for the design of the system and equipment specifications to meet the needs of Mayak. Sergei Shcherbak of Poltava, Ukraine provided the necessary interpreter services for the installation.

Mayak continues to invest in modern technology and modern facilities for growth into the future. Future growth plans for Mayak include building a cheese-making plant.