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What else does good cow milking mean?

BECO knows how to build equipment that will hold up under strenuous conditions. Malfunctioning equipment causes problems for your cows and robs production from your dairy and your bottom line. Equipment designed for limited use will cost you herd health and income now and long into the future. This is why BECO is dedicated to the needs of our primary customer - a dairy that is milking many hours a day and requires the equipment to perform optimally at all times.

BECO knows how important it is to provide information to dairymen and keep them aware about equipment performance, operators and their cows by monitoring key elements of the commercial dairy factory. By identifying issues before they become real problems dairymen can avoid the costly mistake of not acting until after the damage is done.

BECO knows building a milking system to be simple means it will operate continually without excessive breakdowns that effect your operation and your cows.

BECO knows it is critical to have a trained and dedicated dealer network that is there to support your commercial operation. Keeping the dairy factory operational and well-tuned is the basic foundation of a good dealership and we are committed to supporting our dealers' efforts.

Yes, BECO knows good cow milking! We know that running a successful dairy is a massive job and we help dairymen to succeed and take their dairy to the next level.

You can rest assured that BECO doesn't just talk the talk - we walk the walk.

After proving ourselves in the dairy equipment industry for nearly 50 years it's no wonder the largest dairies in the world have repeatedly called upon BECO for their equipment needs. Take a look at our featured installations and see not only the largest dairy in the world, but the largest existing milking parlor in the world as well.

BECO knows...good cow milking!
It's what we're all about.

Good cow milking… it's almost a lost art and dairymen are paying the price as the art continues to fade away. The basics have been neglected for years and it's only getting worse. But, here at BECO, we not only think about good cow milking, everything we do revolves around good cow milking.

Whether it's by opening up the milking system with high-capacity milking units or optimizing and monitoring the critical pulsation system, we know what is important for the production levels of today's milking herds.

Let's face the facts… other companies still promote the old 5/8" milking system and that doesn't make a whole lot of sense! The 5/8" system was designed for the production levels back in the 1970's and is not adequate for the production levels of the 21st century. The reality is that when you remove the restrictions caused by a small-diameter system you will see amazing results.
Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that you will find it useful as we have put a lot of information here that has been accumulated over the past 50 years.

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BECO 1st installation in Ukraine 2012
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